DKM Gneisenau 1/350

Hi Jan,

Good progress on the underwater hull - glad to see you back at this one!

I can imagine what you are going through… here in California, 40°C (104°Farenheit) is pretty routine for this time of year… but air conditioning is common here too. One summer a few years ago our AC went out and my wife almost killed me - global climate change can be deadly! :confounded:


Hi Jan :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to see Gneisenau back on the bench and chasing down that glacier. Life sure has thrown a few hurdles in your way lately, so hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here on… :smiling_face:

40 degrees is unbearable at the best of times :melting_face:, but suffering a cold as well takes it up a notch… :sneezing_face:

As a kid, I remember summers of endless weeks of hot stifling weather and sweltering nights, and back then air conditioning was something of a luxury, but our houses weren’t built for colder climates, to keep the heat in, so I can’t imagine just how uncomfortable it is for you guys at the moment…

So my fingers crossed for you, for a change in the weather soon! :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:

@TimReynaga Tim, our power went out a few years ago during one of the hottest nights of the year, but the really awful part of that was that the people on the other side of the street still had power-we sweltered through the night, all the while looking across the street with envy at their lights and air con running happily away :crazy_face:


Nice to see some progress Jan, however small.

I do understand, durring the heatwave in London I made no progress on anything.



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As said above it is great to see her back on the bench and getting underway…Cheers Mark

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Excellent to see the update!

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Dear friends here at MSW,

that’s so great and that is the spirit of this site that I like so much, thank you so much for your kind comments and ‘welcome back’, things like this keep motivation high and carry prolonged builds through more difficult periods! Thanks again for your patience and still sticking with this build log!

This weekend was again ‘away from workbench’, but I should have something up after next weekend!



Ok, so as promised, here’s a little update. I actually found some time to spend at the workbench this weekend, getting back into the build and manly doing small stuff.

But first of all, propulsion installed:

The fit of the kit is really excellent, this was the smoothest alignment of shafts, propellers and rudders I can recall in a build!

The rest were ammo boxes, doors, scuttles and other stuff, needs all touch ups, partly another layer of paint, but that’s not a problem.

No wood provided, so I started with a coat of ‘flat earth’, will lighten that, needs much more yellow, too, and some oil. It should end up somewhere near the wood colors of the decks.

There might be another 14 days gap…I have to see whether I get something done during the week. This weekend, actually extended weekend, I will be in London with two fellow navy officers, a good old tradition that had to pause two years for CoViD, visiting the Great British Beer Festival (and of course London). I hope they don’t cancel the flight on me, it’s crazy these days in Germany with overcrowded airports and Lufthansa on strike last week…

Anyway, :beer: :beer: :beer:



Nice progress on the props Jan,

It is always a pain when you don’t get a all the wood you need, nice bit of texture in the base coat on the bridge deck, will fit in nicely when you have it finished.

Hope you get to London ok, a bit busy at home next weekend so won’t get time to get over the Great British Beer festival this year, pity, I haven’t been since before Covid.

Cheers, Si

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Hi Si,

thank you very much! Well, there’s more than one area I spotted where I need to improvise some wood. While I used the generic wood deck on the bigger parts of the deck, I don’t see a realistic chance in cutting appropriate pieces for those small and edged areas. Some paint will have to do.

Same for me, last GBBF in 2019, a little tradition with a bunch of friends from various nations, this year the group is down to three, but we decided to go anyway. Are you a fellow CAMRA member, too?


Very nice work on her props and Skegs. What gets up my goat are the Number of Ship Models you see and they paint the Shafts in an Antifouling colour instead of their natural Metal…Cheers Mark

I do mine in the antifouling because most reference photos I have seen show the shafts in that colour (granted most of the photos are post WW2 as colour photos weren’t common back then so very hard to judge shaft colour)