DKM Seehund (early) 1:72 scale

Ahoy fellow shipmates,
This is a recent build of the ICM Seehund early type in 1:72 scale.
Nice little kit but reworked some detail.
The hatch observation dome is molded in same opaque plastic as
the rest of the kit so I created a transparent one using heat formed
Flooding vents were drilled out on the hull as well as adding vents to upper casing. Also added detenator fins on torpedoes.
Torpedoes were scribed with missing details and rivets were added
to bow area and upper casing sides.
Painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with W&N oils and pastels.
Hope you like.


Joe, your Seehund is beautifully executed! What did you use to make the rivets?

Hi Tim,
Glad you like it.
The rivets are modelrailroad 3D printed rivet decals that came from
MicroMark similar to the ones ARCHER makes.

Another beautiful sub build!

Hi Ezra,
Thanks for looking and kind comment.

Great Seehund build! One question, what did you use for the support between the base and the hull?

Hi Ken, Thanks for liking! …The support is a spent 9mm casing…primer cap
removed…hole enlarged and bolt added thru base to hold the sub.

Hmmm…and how many assault rifles do you own? :sweat_smile: BTW very nice build!

Thanks for liking the sub.

Great Job ! I got 2 in the stash , I will attempt (very badly) to recreate your sub ! LOL ! Hope you and your loved ones are well, Tony

Hi Tony,
Thanks for liking.
We are all well and hope the same for you!

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