DKW NZ350 1944 scale 1:9 my 3D project / 3D print

Thank you very much :grinning: I have already started designing another pair of motorcycles. It is going to be another example of using a civilian motorcycle for military purposes. This time it will be Polish heavy motorcycle CWS M111 Sokol (Falcon)


Welcome to the forum! And what a fantastic piece you have created there- in that scale the details are so beautifully brought to life- amazing to see!


Marudek, that is a fabulous build and paint job. A few kicks and it looks like it will start.

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Thank you guys! I hope my next projects are going to be even better. I’ve planned that the nex project would be Zundapp K800 (because I have a detailed walkaround and a contact to the owner) but can’t get anywhere Vucan’s 1:35 model kit as a dimension reference… So I decided to make another motorcycle to which I have more data.


So cool you have the access and opportunity to do complete walkarounds. Looking forward to your next build.