Do you know where I can buy this in Europe?

Good day,

On my subreddit I once posted my airbrush working space.
Someone suggested me to purchase a window sealing kit originally intended for those portable airconditioners.
To seal the open window, so the airconditioner can cool the room it is in.
But, the hot air can’t get in because of the sealing kit.
However, my searching of something like this on the internet to purchase it in Europe.
Hasn’t brought me the results I wanted.
So my question is, do you know where to look for this in Europe on the mainland?
Or what search queries I need to enter to find what I’m looking for?
Here is the example of the commentator presented to me: Portable AC Window Kit with Exhaust Hose, Air Conditioners Kits Parts Adjustable Window Seals for Sliding Window, Universal Vertical Sliding AC Vent Kit with 5.9” Round Coupler (59" Exhaust Hose Set) : Home & Kitchen
I would also like to hear your opinion about this product, do you think it is a good idea to purchase this?
Should I stay away from this?
Will this be keeping the hot air out of my appartment in the hot summers?
Let me know, because I’m thinking it might be a great idea.
But maybe you have more experience with this and can give me a better answer.


Thanks for reading and I would love to talk about this subject.


Some search results from


Your local hardware store that carriers window air conditioners should have this kit. Typically found in the area with weatherproofing items.

Hi Artemis.

In the past I tried one of these window sealing kits with my airbrush venting box and my 3d printer. Was not impressed. Heat insulation in summer was not good and smelly fumes poured back into the room.

I solved the problem with a litte DIY project.

I got cheap insulatioin foam from the hardware store, cut it to shape and fitted it into the window. Cut a hole for the hose fittings an on the sides I made some locks to keep the insulation foam in place.

Works great. Keeps heat out ins summer, keeps heat in in winter and no backflooding fumes any more.


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@Frenchy Thank you for taking the time to help me with searching and finding what I was looking for online. It is much appreciated.

@MontanaHunter What actually is a hardware store? I’m in the Netherlands and never actually heard of this term before. Could you explain to me what it is?

@Flugwuzzi Thank you for taking the time to answer my topic. It is so appreciated.

When I was looking at the results @Frenchy was kindly providing me through his search for me on Amazon. I actually thought of a conversation I had with one of my coaches at work. Who told me about someone who also had this window sealing kit. With a portable airconditioner.

It didn’t really work at all. And, that was when I still lived at my parents home. When I couldn’t have a fixed split unit airconditioning system. Now I have one installed because I’m now living on my own at my own place. And I still place question marks on these kits.

My first thought was to just buy a extra filter with active carbon. But, that’s costing extra money. That weares out over time. And takes extra time to take it out of my spraybooth, put it back in the original packaging to conserve it for next time. And then put it back in. It’s not practical.

And now you’ve shared this tip with me.
And I think, after looking at this.
It might actually be a very good idea.
Was it expensive to make this all?
What kind of tools do I need for this?
What kind of material do I need to use for this?
And it doesn’t involve any drilling in walls or so?

I’m going to talk about this idea with my dad who’s help I’m going to need to execute this project.
And I might show it to my coaches at my assisted living where I’m living.
If it involves drilling wholes in wales or so.

And will see if I can execute this.

Thanks for the idea and you might see it someday in a post of me in the future maybe. Thank you.

hardware store = bouwmarkt (Hornbach, Gamma, Praxis…)


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