Dodge WC-51

I started a new kit with Afv Dodge 1/35

First step : motor and frame

To be continued


the rest of the assembly
some improvements


the last improvements before painting


Following along as I have this kit. Looking good and I like the additions.


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Thank you Mike

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Always had a soft spot for the WC’s. 1/35 Peerless/Peerless-Max/Tomy/Testor’s were great kits then, and still hold up today. If I ever get around to building another, your pics will be a great guide.

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I am very happy that my modest work can be useful to you!
About old kit "Peerles/Max/ Italeri they are no longer up to current standard and require significant corrections. I prefer Afv Kit. recently ZVEZDA offers WC 51start of production really excellent

For Fun here Dodge KD Italeri with resin conversion from Azimut

there was a lot of upgrade work


First Primer Grey “One shot”


Hello everybody !

To stand out a little, I opted for a Dodge from a demining unit: the BDS BOMB DISPOSAL SQUAD .

So I start by airbrushing the top of the radiator, the fenders, the grille, the steps, the rear wheel arches and the back of the dodge.
I had to apply several thin coats of Mat AK red to cover the gray primer.

Once dry I masked the red areas with Tamiya adhesive. Once the parts were hidden I made the corrections to the engine.

To be continued…


For the US Olive Drab I used an AK box.

A first coat with 11334

then a first lightening with 11151

I finish with 11345 but very light.

The exhaust is put in place,

the wings and the steps are finally glued.

I finish by installing decals on the dashboard and some data plates from Archer.

To be continued…


hello everyone

I’m giving the dodge a coat of VMS matte varnish

I start the first markings using a stencil

The tires are painted a mix of panzer gray, black and khaki

small defects will be taken up with a brush

To be continued…


hi !

Yesterday I put the registration numbers

and markings on the bumpers

I used Microscale decals and Verlinden transfers

To be continued


Weathering begins with a first wash of natural umber diluted with withe spirit to highlight the hollows.

A jerrycan is installed on the step and I added a canvas bucket

To be continued


Digging it so far.


Your build is coming out nicely! I was just about to pick this kit up last week… but decided not to cause i have too many ongoing projects at the moment. How is the build?

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