Does anyone have and extra set of 1/35 King Tiger Magic Tracks please

Thank you would help me out with my Tamiya kit.

You sir, are in luck! I have a set from the Dragon 6302 (King Tiger Porsche Turret w/ Zimmerit kit; I always use aftermarkets, and I already have my set of Friul metal tracks). The Magic Tracks are still in their original bags (one bag for the parts with the cleats, the other bag for the parts that connect those parts together). How soon do you need 'em? Where are you located? I’m in Las Vegas. I’ll be happy to send them to you for no cost for the plastic, but I’d appreciate it if you would pick up the postage. Suggest you write to me at my e-mail address with the details here:

Kind regards,
Curt Basner

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