Does Anyone Have the Approximate OOB Of Team Desobry at Noville

Did he happen to have M4(105)'s on hand? I have one I want to do in an Ardennes dio and I met him once as a young kid. Thought it would be a nice tie in… TIA


Wow! I must just stress that this not to assume any anecdotal superiority, but I met this officer on a Brit sponsored battlefield tour of the whole Ardennes/Bastogne battle. This was back in, roughly, 75/76. Other luminaries were present including the former COS Panzer Lehr. Truly I was blessed during my military career.

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Just noticed your post. Outside the Bastogne Historical Center is an M4 105. It says this tank (howitzer) actually fought with Team Desobry at Noville, and was procured for the museum by Desobry himself after the war. This info is a few years old, but I doubt the story has changed.
Hope it helps.

Nice, thx. I have seen the pics now and will assume it is in original markings (soft assumption, but is what I have to work…)!