Does anyone recognise this submarine?

i was wondering if anyone recognises the submarine in the picture below, either the kit or the full scale model?

Trumpeter kit of a Chinese Type 33G Class submarine. Looks like a SSGK type (diesel-electric, guided missile type).
According to Wiki, it’s a Chinese variant of the Soviet Romeo Class.

Another model of it

wow thanks guys for the fast response, I’m glad I never posted what I thought it was coz my guess was miles out lol.

That enclosed bridge says ‘Designed in Russia’ so if it isn’t a Soviet/Russian boat it needs to belong to one of their current or previous friends.
Stikpusher was faster than I was, I just found a nice image

That and the upper and lower bow sonars… Western sub designs of the same type more closely resembled the Type XXI U-Boat example.

The 33G1, a single 33G modified to fire YJ-1 (CSS-N-4), later YJ-8, missiles. Because it had to surface to fire, it lagged severely behind comparable SSGs in other navies, and only the one trials boat was produced.