Does not play with old IE11

Hi Jim, just thought you’d like to know this software refused to open in IE11 (my work computer - I know it needs upgraded but that’s not under my control!) so I had to copy the link to Chrome. Not sure what percentage of users this might affect…

So far it’s hard to tell what it’s like, without any content and thus structure to play with.I hope the UI can be adjusted to be a bit less juvenile-looking! Is it possible to seed this test forum with a chunk of content copied over, so we can see how it looks/performs in action? Nothing huge, just enough to make it look more “Kitmaker”…


Hi Tom,
I looked. Currently about 5% of our userbase is still using IE (of any version… and believe it or not there is still one guy using version 7). I can understand your work OS situation but why use IE if you can download and use a newer browser version on that PC? To be blunt nobody should be using a browser that reached end of life (no support or patches). It’s not safe in these times and frankly most newer sites are going to be using the kind of tech this site is so not very practical either. I would guess we are going to need to do a “Hey! You need to upgrade!” post in our current forums before trying to move that 5% of users here.

The structure and content will be forthcoming once we have some beta testers using the forums. Plus there will likely be some changes to the UI I will be making as I find them. Trust me once you have spent a day or two in this kind of system/layout it’s very easy to navigate and you’ll start catching on to some of the features and benefits that it has.


That is a potential problem as I’m using IE on work computer as well. I’ve been getting “upgrade your browser” messages all the time lately, and tried to persuade our IT guys to switch to any other browser available, but the answer is NO. I have to use IE… stupid.


No ‘tech’ person worth their salt should be telling people to use software that accesses the internet and hasn’t been updated since 2016 (and not much prior to that either). How silly. What OS are you using?

On the plus side this site is going to work great on mobile devices. :wink:

Win 10.

I’m not sure who actually dictates this stupid policy, but we use IE exclusively. :face_vomiting:


I did a quick Google search. Apparently a lot of companies have tied themselves to apps that use Silverlight or other out-dated Microsoft dependencies (as the apps were originally designed to work on IE). Probably something like that. But what is silly is to enforce a single-browser install policy. Why they just don’t have a policy of using the app with IE and normal internet use with a secure browser is beyond me. :confused:

Jim, it sounds like you’ve been out of the world of corporate IT too long! :slight_smile: Our lot are only now developing an upgrade programme that will have us all move from Win7 to Win10, and from IE11 to Edge and Office365! And the Covid crisis has pushed that back now to maybe sometime in the autumn! Big companies can be real oil tankers when it comes to IT - very hard to change course, and it takes miles to see any effect. I’m lucky in that I have local admin rights on my work laptop (a real rarity in our paranoid IMT system) so have added Chrome and Firefox to mine. My own personal laptop is Win10 with Edge and Chrome, but my evening go-to for surfing while watching TV is an ancient Surface RT on Win8 that isn’t really able to load Edge or Chrome - a real pity s it can’t open this site.

But let’s see how this platform performs! Can you adjust things like font, colours (black template rather than blaring white-screen) and more “Kitmakery” general feel? Or are you locked in with whatever UI they provide?

There are different themes the user can select under interface in the settings area. I have to do some additional work though to get all that looking right. It’s a work in progress. :slight_smile:

Dang, not even Microsoft wants you using IE any more. They moved to Edge a couple years ago now.