Does someone make a nice campfire to use in a diorama?

Does someone make a 1/35th campfire?

Yes, the same company that does the simulated welding machine with LED’s . Look up camp fire LED. Quite convincing.

Edit: Evan Designs. Others are far too hokey.

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That is interesting.

I’ve thought of wiring amber or orange or both LEDs behind a 1/35 structure in order to simulate the glow from fire.

The circuitry in the Evans kit allows different LEDs to gradually increase in intensity, and then fade slowly back out. When multiple LEDs are combined and have different rates of fading. It’s very convincing - makes a nice Ranger TV.

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Thanks for their website. I’ve often wondered where this stuff came from. I just assumed peeps were electrical engineers that are wicked modellers on youtube. Someday I would like to build something with LED’s, like a nightime TIC. I wonder if anyone has tried anything like that?

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LOL! You know that’s Hollywood since nobody’s getting the smoke, ashes and cinders in their face and no “floaters and sinkers” in their cook pot!


I know this isn’t what you want but your request took me back to my childhood, and this item was amongst the Britain’s Herald Wild West series:


I loved their stuff!


In Group we learned to buld Dakota fires. Does away with a lot of unpleasantness.

By the way, for added realism on the LED fire you could couple it with with a model railroad smoke generator. They’re apparently way better now than when I did one several years ago - with peanut oil no less.


These are great. Thank you for helping.

I always liked this campfire story… :wink:


Another great campfire scene from my youth.
blazing saddles campfire fart scene - Google Search


This is very interesting. One of my grandiose plans is to pair my Panther F with one of those diorama buildings I mentioned in another thread.

My idea was to include backlit LEDs to simulate glow from internal fires.

I thought I ought to use different dropping resistors to get different levels of brightness for a realistic appearance.

But I did not know of these peanut oil smoke generators which would definitely enhance the look for certain. Thanks!

There are much better products out there now. Megastream is touted as among the best. However, a cheaper alternative is plain old mineral oil.

Here’s an example of one of the generators on the market:

There are many to choose from.

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Go to Dollar Tree and get some flickering LED tea candles. take the bulbs out, get some wire and solder it the LEDs and to a battery pack from Hobby Lobby. For flames take some clear resin and spread it on a silicone mat in the shape of the flames you want. Once dry, glue to where you want the fire. Put the lights behind and below it and there you go!


D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that? My wife has those!