Does The Old Dragon M46 Patton Work

Yes, Takom makes a kit too, but I’ve gone off the company due to quality issues. I’ve seen threads, but does anyone have definite information on how good Dragon’s kit is?

All in all the Dragon kit builds well enough if you take your time. It’s typical Dragon of that era, 2nd rate engineering and 2nd rate design by today’s standards. My M46 won best stock out of the box model in its category at the IPMS Nationals in 1996. I felt it was a good model kit and very competitive back in 1996. It was the one of the first good Dragon kit in my opinion of era.

Lots of spruegates so careful parts clean up is required. It fit reasonably good, I recall using a fair amount of thinned Molak Stucco Putty filler on turret halves and other areas. The tracks are a little fussy to get right. Likewise, the headlight guards fiddly to trim correctly.

If you haven’t, might be worth checking out the instructions Dragon M46 Scalemates

BTW the Tamiya M26 might be worth a look if you like this family of tanks.

Good luck


Thanks, but I definitely want an M46 of the later part of the Korean War.

Yes, the Dragon M46 is a fine kit. It will suit your needs quite well

This is the one that I built recently.


Does The Old Dragon M46 Patton Work

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I’d rather vote a static old M-46 into office than one of the typical members from the well known US cast of clowns :clown_face:

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No, just a military one.

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For my part, I really enjoyed building the Dragon kit. It went together reasonably well. Note I had the Orange Box edition, so it came with DS tracks (which, BTW, have not disintegrated yet). I really enjoyed building the kit, personally. The Takom kit is probably better, but the Dragon kit is good as well, IMHO.


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YET! :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

@Long_tom Thomas, which Takom kit(s) turned you against the brand?

Asking out of curiosity.

Serious fit problems and flash problems. I tried to assemble a Takom jeep, and the kit was so bad I quit after oe hour. Will go to the old Tamiya one in the future.

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I built the M46, M26A1 and the M26. Idid not have any insurmountable issues, I know how to work on difficult kits. I had references, so I got the details I wanted done.

Top to bottom, M46, M26A1, M26 all by Dragon.


Yup, the Dragon Pershing-Patton family are nice kits. I’ve done all three as well.


It’s still a decent kit - here’s mine (sorry for the blurry photo, I was still trying to figure out how to use my phone camera). I had to use the extra track from the Takom M46 though because the CyberHobby DS tracks had disintegrated.


Very nice, but one problem I have is finding the Jordi Rubio replacement gun barrel.

I decided to go with the Tamiya M26 kit after all, and add Accurate Armor replacement tracks and sprocket. Those kit tracks are simply unusable, and either version will work for me.