Dolphin in World War Z

About a month ago, I planned to build an AS350 served in umbrella. But I failed to find an kit of the AS helicopter series. Then a decision had been done🤔: Dolphin in WWZ . The Dolphin appears many times in the film, in American black painting, WHO(maybe UNSC;the minister takes) white coloing,and Israel desert camouflage. Personally,I love camos,thus the Israel one takes the cake.
I planned to convert Z-9 back to Dolphin(enhancing the weapons). And I bought an unofficial decal(still in express transportation. I will start it tomorrow maybe😀


After cutting four side doors,I start to make a landing chassis. I choose thin skewers used for baking to be the material.
Welding is really hard to practice,and I didn’t do it well.

Coming along nicely. The landing skids look good.

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This looks to be a cool project. If your joints are good you can file those lumps of solder down until they can’t been seen. If your joints are not good you just need to:

a. Tin the end of the vertical support and make sure the horizontal part of the skid is hot - your solder joints look a little cold.

b. Use flux to help the solder flow.

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@HeavyArty Thanks!

@18bravo Sophisticated suggestions🌹. Soldering means a lot in modelling. I found adhesives(even Ergo)are still not strong enough in PE working.

Finally it’s down🤓,bring an defective end.


Came out looking good. Nice job on it.

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