Done: 1/32 ICM AH-1G Cobra (early)

Hi guys!

I just finished my ICM 1:32 AH-1G Cobra (early). I cheated with a Quinta Cockpit set and added a Live Resin M134D - the rest is straight out of the box, including the decals. Let me know what you think!


Great looking Cobra. :+1:

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Very nice clean build, the canopy looks great!

Cajun :crocodile:

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Despite the scale disparity could I use this depicted in USAREUR - mid 70s perhaps? Helicopters are uncharted territory for me but I have a few ideas coming up; whilst the couple I do have are in 1:35, I’m not that adverse to mixing scales for an effect.

Any comments/advice gratefully received.

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I forgot to mention: cracking build!

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That might be tight on the timeframe, the G was probably there early 70’s but upgrades where happening mid 70’s and I am sure those where sent there first. This is where the turret and canopy start changing shapes a d different weapons are authorized on the pylons.

I thought I recall seeing that ICM was also going to do a 1/35 version of the G.

Mixing the scales shouldn’t be bad I know Gino has posted about that before, the key is too keep personal equipment all in the same scale or at least not different scales next to each other.

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It looks great. Good job on it. I too have the Quinta printed decals for mine. How were they to apply/use? Any shots inside the cockpit to show them off? They look great on the sheet. I too plan on replacing the M134 barrel as well. The kit ones suck.

Yes, the AH-1G standard was still used up until the early '80s when they were upgraded to Q and S models with TOW (Q) and the 20mm chin turret (S).

The 1/32 - 1/35 scale mixing is not really an issue, they are close enough. As long as you keep constant-sized items (canteens, weapons, etc.) the same scale, you will be good. You can even mix scales of figures to depict different height/sized people.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for your nice feedback!

Here are two work-in-progress pics and a detail shot of the finished model – those pics should give you an idea on how the quinta details look.

Quinta decals are super easy to use – I just put them in warm water for a while, dried the pieces off on a paper towel and then applied them using CA glue. As the instructions will tell you as well: You don’t need or actually you shouldn’t use decal softening solution.

Btw: The M134D from Live Resin is in 1/35 scale. As I figured it would be overscale anyway (no way to depict a machine gun barrel in 1/35 in the proper dimensions) it fit absolutely perfectly. Would recommend this upgrade to anyone building the kit.


Those do look great.

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Chaps, thanks very much; it is such an interesting model, especially say, if portrayed alongside a refueling tanker (AFV Club M49A2C?) or such like. I’ve seen some interesting images in the Tankograd booklets which really got me thinking about all this in the first place.

Of course, if ICM were to produce it in 1:35 then so much the better. Anyway, thanks for the input; I might cut my (helicopter teeth) on something relatively smaller like the Revell Bell H-13H first.

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