Don't want to be that melon

Nope. No way …

Many of you already know this, either from pure curiosity, being a geek or from preofessional learning/experience

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Sadly Challenger 3 is losing this capability in exchange for a Euro-common gun with widely-available ammo. Seems that sourcing unique rounds for a gun used by only 200 tanks in the world just isn’t economical…


That was the one thing I was sad about losing our 120 Charm gun…still… The powers that be and all that …:frowning:

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Which is why many modern tanks such as the Abrams (modern??) have double layered armor with spacers and scrapnel containment devices between the layers.

They’re not your Grandfather’s Sherman.

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Many T-72’s suffered heavily from HESH,
don’t know if the T-72 and descendants could actually
be considered “modern” though

So HESH and HEP are basically the same thing?

Seems to be:
" High explosive squash head (HESH) in British terminology, or high explosive plastic/plasticized (HEP) in American terminology,[1] is a type of explosive projectile which uses a plastic explosive that conforms to the surface of a target before detonating, to improve the transfer of explosive energy to the target."

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True, for MBTs with composite armour the CR2 carries sabot rounds! For everything else there is HESH…