Don't you hate when that happens?

So I’m building the Takom KV - 5 and the horn is just awful. It’s just a little round blob with a solid triangle on the side. This must be one of Takom’s early kits, because their current kits are so exceptionally detailed. Luckily, I have a set of 10 beautiful resin Russian conical horns with PE mounts produced by some cottage company that I picked up at an AMPS show one year. I know I’ve been saving them for a moment just such as this because I’ve held them in my hand a hundred times over the last ten years while looking through the bin for something else. Well, today is their day to shine and can I find them? Of course not! I have a big tote that’s all “resin parts” and they are in there, but I can’t find them. I know that’s where I put them and saw them, and this whole build is now on hold for one part the size of a pea, because dammit I know I have them and I paid good money for them for this specific reason and nobody can injection mold a Russian horn worth a damn and and and…
I’m now going back downstairs to empty that bin one piece at a time until I find those horns. I’m sure they’re stuck to the back of something else but this will take hours.
Don’t you hate when that happens?


Just give up and focus on a wingy thing you want to enter in a contest, put the kv-5 in the back of the closent and only then will you find the horn.

yep I had that happen with the seat of my bandai x wing 7 months later it showed itself to me when I had to fix the cables behind the computer…no idea how it got there.

As they say, “been there, done that!”

Rifle through everything you own (modeling wise of course ) and maybe you’ll find it. Works for me sometimes lol

Search for something else …

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Sorry for your frustration but I’m glad this happens to someone else also! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve ‘known’ that I have the perfect piece of aftermarket because I was just handling it a couple weeks ago…but can I find it now??
If you’re like me you won’t find it until:

  1. You’ve spend a good deal of time and effort scratching the part
  2. You give in and use the kit part
  3. You break down and order a new part off the internet

Good luck to you, I hope you find them quickly.

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Matt, I hope your experience finding goes better than my experiences typically do.

My misplaced aftermarket parts only reappear AFTER replacements are purchased.


Painted up a couple of sets of Dragon 1/72 Fallschimjager, and Panzer Grenadier figures for “Future Considerations”, and put them in a zip-lock bag for safe keeping. That was just 3 - 4 months ago; now is the “Future Consideration”! Think I can find them?? :rage:

They will turn up in the box you have looked through 5 times already when the cloaking field turns off. I have no idea how parts turn invisible like that but without fail…

I actually like rummaging through the sparesbox and such. I always find some hidden treasures in there…
But when you actually need stuff… nope.

Might the bits-bugger be related to the carpet monster?

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