Dornier Do335A-12 "Anteater"

Good afternoon guys! I am building the Tamiya Do335A-12 and I was wondering what the correct cockpit color should be. Is it a gray color or is it semi gloss black like the Tamiya instructions say? Thanks!

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As far as I know, from about 1941 onwards standard cockpit paint was RLM 66, a very dark grey colour. I would go for that on a 335!



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Cockpit would be gray, yes. Perhaps the black was meant for the instrument panels and they incorrectly indicated where it went?

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Yep that’s true!

Thanks, I figured it was something like that.

@brekinapez , maybe, but it looked as though everything in the cockpit was either flat black or semi-gloss black. Thanks though!


My HKM instructions for this plane call for RLM 66 with some parts in RLM 02, but not even the IP is black; it is 66 as well which when I look at my other German AC is the case. The gauges have black faces.

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HKM actually suggests using Tamiya XF-22 for that color.

Why wouldn’t Tamiya suggest that for their kit?

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Following that, I just went back and looked at my instructions again… Turns out that I missed the few times that Tamiya did say to paint some of the parts in XF-22. Thanks for y’all’s help anyway. :man_facepalming::grin:

I will say though that it would be better if there was something like “Paint all parts in XF-22 unless otherwise noted.” But I can’t blame Tamiya for my blindness LOL

You could look at pictures of the Do 335 A-0 in the Udvar-Hazy Center of the NASM in DC; the cockpit for the A-12 is likely to be the same colors, and the A-0 was restored at the Dornier facility in Oberpfaffenhofen, so presumably has reasonably correct colors:


Sidebar question :thinking:

What’s so radioactive in a German WW2 airplane that it has to have a Radiation Hazard tag?

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Radium paint on the dials would be my guess.


Sean, thank you.
That makes sense.

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