Double layer hull strips

Wanting to build a sailing ship wooden model. looking at a double layer strip hull. I have watched a couple of videos. my question is: After the first layer installed with glue and pins, do you sand the heads off the pins before glueing on the second layer?

I might be totally wrong but I would remove the pins.
If the cured/hardened/dried glue doesn’t hold the strips in place then
headless pins will not be able to do it either.
Sanding the heads flush sounds like a recipe for sanding too much off the strips.
I would use this type of pin:
drawing pin, push pin …
Unless the strips are too narrow so that pushing in the pin will split them.
Drilling a hole with a slightly smaller diameter than the pin would solve that problem, I hope …

The pins do have heads.

Remove the pins

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Tell you the truth, the wood used in planking on many kits, especially foreign kits, is of very poor quality. If you have a hobby table saw it is better to cut your own wood and do a single layer. If not, don’t push the nails all the way in to where the head touches the planks. After the glue cures, remove the nails, sand/fill the hull till you have a smooth surface, then lay the 2nd layer.
Ron W.