Moving from a house to an apartment. This list is not complete yet, still a lot to go through. All kts complete unless noted.

Have to trade ,
35328 Tiran 1
35257 T55
30057 British Mk IV Male

13210 M7 Priest
Super Hellcat, missing M36 turret, but full Hellcat
M10 Late ?
M551 Sheridan, Vietnam ?

Italeri LVT ? ,Alligator, I think

Looking for figures from these Tamiya kits;
35366 Achilles
35210 Churchill Mk IV
35232 Centaur
35312 M8 HMC, Awaiting Orders
35244 M26 Armored Recovery Vehicle
35 230 Dragon Wagon

And these kits;
MasterBox 35105 Charlie on the Left
MasterBox 35067 Civilians, Western Region
Miniart 38004 French Civilians

35360 M3 Stuart, Late Prod.
35356 Archer
35284 French UE Tractor
35288 French Infantry
35333 British Airborne, bicycles
35337 British Airborne, small motorcycles

Thanks for looking.

Sorry for the down sizing. Anything in 1/16?

Sorry, no. All 1/35th.

Have to trade ,
30057 British Mk IV Male

I would like to trade you this?
I have a mint Tamiya Russian Assult Infantry 1941-1942, for your British Mk. IV Male?

Hi I have the Tamiya Brits w/small motobikes #35337 for the M4A3 105MM w/out figs and what have yu. I’m in MD . Mike.

Sorry, I already have the Russian assault infantry I was looking for.



Bret thought I replied 2 + weeks ago to your email about swapping my Tamiya Brit Para’s w/small motobikes for your Tamiya M4A3 105mm and metqal gun tube ? In that email I asked where you are. I have the Brits ready to go if still interested. Do not know how to email you direct from your Armorama posts. My work email is: . I do not use my 1st name John, only work does, call me Mike, I use my middle name Michael. Thanks.

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