DR 1 rigging diagram

I’m getting started on the Meng 1/32 DR 1 and, while it’s a nice kit, as I mentioned in my review the instructions are not as helpful as they could be. Perhaps the greatest miss is the lack of a rigging diagram. Now I know the Triplane had limited rigging, but it did have some cross-bracing between the cabines and in the landing gear as well as some control wires. Anyone have a good diagram I could use?



Hi Michael - Cybermodeler.com has a great subject reference section - click on Subject reference- go to aircraft - it is alphabetical and you will find it as Fokker Dr 1

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Some good walkarounds, thanks RDT! I should be able to piece it together from those.


Yep. I have a few.

Interestingly, Richard Alexander of Wingnut Wings fame provided a diagram of the rigging for the Meng DR1 kits bought from the LHS he was working at here in Auckland. I have one and will post a copy if that helps.

Please do - Thank you !

Indeed cosimodo, if you are allowed to post that, it would be very helpful. Thank you!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, will dig that out tonight then.

I should have thought of this, now I have looked at the modelling notes they are copyright of the store where Richard worked. I would have thought the IP was more Wingnuts but it is what it is.
If you want you can message me.

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