Dr Leonard (Bones) McCoy, two sided diorama - 1:12 scale

Hi All,

McCoy’s 2 in 1 dio is now completed 1:12 scale


McCoy - The head is from a Art Asylum figure which I trimmed down to fit on the Mezco’s Spock body. I then mixed paint to get the same colour as the uniform and painted over the top rank line to give him his LT Commander rank.

The vile in his hand is clear plastic rod and the med kit was made using pleather and the viles, syringe and medical scanner in made from plastic rod and clear plastic and there a two small magnets to make it stay closed.

The other personal equipment came with the Spock figure and I used Vallejo paints and Army Painter to repaint the head, hands and equipment.

Base - is thick foam board and the McCoy’s office table was done using foam board as well. The chair is a 3D print a friend did for me and I used black material to cover the leather area’s.

The skull is a head I had in the parts box and I just removed the eye’s and nose and repainted it. The frame with the old medical tools is plastic card with a dry baby wipe glued over it and the strips ove plastic card glued over the baby wipe.

The tools all have been made using plastic rod and strips, the computer, computer screen and medical cards are all made from plastic card and the note pad is from the 7" Art Asylum Trek figures.

The other side of the base is a picture from the net I printed off and glued in place and the sand is a mix of spakfilla and sand and once dry given a light wash of Vallejo’s Desert sand.

The shrubs are from Woodland Scenics Fine foliage Olive Green set and the grass tufts are from Army Painter and are called swamp tuft.