Dracula´s castle in scale

Right for Halloween, Faller released a kit of Castle Bran in Romania.


It´s said that Castle Bran was home of the real Dracula, known as Vlad Tepes, ruler of the Walachia
province in modern Romania. Saw it in my LHS, a really big box with an even more impressive pricetag.

Cool model that’s ‘a little’ above my financial bracket. IM Styrene, I assume.

shot from the top


Does it come with HO scale bats, and a Dracula? :woozy_face:
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I thought all kits came with HO bats. That’s what’s usually all over the top of my bench during and after assembly anyway :grin:

I would have sell my blood to afford it.

Take into account that the castle is a limited production for the 75th anniversary of Faller. You can invest the 500 Euros and keep the kit in very deeeeep storage. Maybe it gets more valuable in the next years?

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A little history lesson on Vlad the Empaler.

Various figures of the famous vampire available in HO gauge.

Well…isn’t that great! You could put the Count with his lady friend on the tower top floor. Jokes on “Count von Count”, or “Count Chocula”, anyone? :smile_cat:
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