Dragon 1/35 Figure Kits For Sale - UK Only Sale

Given my age and amount of available time I have decided to reduce the number of unmade kits in my “stash” This Dragon figure sets are getting harder to find and have not produced any new sets for some time.
Postage is £4.95 per single item with reductions via quotation for multiple purchases.
Payment via Paypal with buy to pay any associated fees.

Tiger Aces Normandy £9.99 + postage

German MG 42 Crew £9.99 + postage
Frozen Battleground (Moscow 1941) £12.99 + postage

German Anti Tank Team (France 1940) £12.99 + postage

German Infantry (Ukraine Summer 1943) £13.99 + postage

Panzer Crew LAH Division Russia 1943 £12.99 + postage

didnt realise Dragon had stopped doing the figure kits. think i still have a few in my stash

I have about 15 of them, but I never got the German Naval troop set for my S-100.


Huh, anybody know why they cease making figures?

Who knows why Dragon does anything anymore.

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Dragon has not stopped manufacturing all figures. They still make 1/35 figures.

From Dragon’s history website:

“Dragon Models stopped producing 1/6 scale action figures in November 2012.”

When was the date they last released a 1/35 figure set?

Scalemates shows the last new sets came out in 2016. They might be repopping old sets but I don’t even see any more recent repops.

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