Dragon 1/35 M48A1

Hard to say. Part of the movie was filmed in Germany, part in Hollywood. If that is a Hollywood set, then that’s all there is. If it’s in Germany, it could be the whole thing. In any case, it’s nice seeing Hollywood giving tankers some love!

Carlos, impressive job on Dragon’s M48! The weathering is superbly done. Which paints did you use for subtle shading?
Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you James. As far as the finish goes I started off with black primer. Then I did two coats of Gunze Aqueous Olive Drab (2), thinned 1:1 first in the central areas leaving edges black, then a thinner coat over the black areas for subtle shading. The dust covers are Vallejo Panzer Aces Canvas, with an oil wash of Burnt Umber and dry brush highlights of Olive Drab. Then lastly I did the dust & dirt on the running gear areas. First I airbrushed on a coat of Model Master Acrylic Burnt Umber, and then topped that with a thinner airbrushed coat of Model Master Acrylic Raw Sienna for the final dusty look. I did that heavier on the running gear, and lighter overall the rest of the tank.

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I’ve been thinking about doing this as. Christmas present for a while. After discovering this I knew the route I had to go. I must have used your photos as references more than the actual movie. I ended up using the US Army version of Dragons kit, so I was able to use the decals out of the box to match the movie perfectly. The stars, weight marker, and vehicle ID marker were handmade stencils though. Seriously though, thanks for the inspiration.

That’s great to hear Chris. Any chance that you can post a photo of your build on here?

Currently applying pigments, but it’s essentially done.


Nice build. Looks sharp.

Great looking build Chris!