Dragon 1/35 M48A1

Well it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!
I built this in the Curvy Tanks GB, Dragon’s 1/35 M48A1, (Magach boxing) done up as Elvis’s ride in “GI Blues”. Markings are cobbled together from what I have in my decal bin. The TC figure was originally from the Academy KIFV, modified slightly.

And I made up a simple base for it as well…

Thanks for looking, comments and critiques welcome…
Thank you very much… :wink:


Looks very good! I do remember the movie, but tanks and trucks seemed to ride through urban areas rather than in the field if I recall correctly.

Thanks Tom. There is a sequence in the film where the tanks are at a firing range. Some tank trail stuff and moving up and back from woodline firing positions. You can look it up on You Tube if you feel like watching it.

Now that is really well done Carlos, I like that a lot. Food for thought when I get around to mine (probably around 2030). Figure’s spot on as well I reckon, and really adds to it all.

Could you please let me know what OD you used? Thanks.

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Great looking 48! I really like the finish you’ve got on it- makes it a nice example to look at. Reminds me of one of those full page Tamiya tank adverts actually! Cracking figure too with the white name tape and the rank bars.

Well done. :+1: :+1: No Elvis figure? :grin: :grin:

Great job,really like your OD shade

Very nice finish on the kit. The detail on the figure is great, too!

It looks great. Excellent job on it.

Thanks guys! I have to say, if you are going to build an M48, these Dragon kits are the ones to get.

@BootsDMS & @Tojo72, Brian and Tony, I used Gunze Aqueous Olive Drab (2) over a base of Black Ammo One Shot Primer. Definitely one of the better OD paints available.

@Karl187 & @jfrank , I remember those Tamiya adds. You are far too kind regarding the figure. My face painting skills need work! :wink: The uniform insignia help big time! They’re Peddinghaus decals, and really do catch the look of the stuff worn on the fatigues in that era.

@Armorsmith, Elvis is in the gunner’s seat :smirk:

@HeavyArty, thanks Gino!


Great build and finish Carlos. Looks really nice and a good sympathetic weathering to round it all off.
Long live the King :+1:

Nice job!

Great looking build!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Nice job on the finish product. I like how you did the diorama.

Thanks Carlos - I’ll look out for that.

Cracking model.

Love it! My favorite M48 version and a very well-done build of it, to boot!

Thank you very much :wink:

After all, what is there not to like? The King and a Patton tank is just a natural match.

@gtdeath13, Nikos I’m with you in regards to the M48. They just look good!

@SdAufKla, The A1 is cool, but now I’d like to do a pre “A_” version that has the Urdan cupola style TC hatch and external .50. Funny how some of the A5 rebuilds went back to that style of TC cupola, while others kept the modified A3 cupolas.


Love the PSP decking for the motorpool/tank park!

Looks fantastic Carlos!

@tankerken, I wonder if the whole motor pool had the PSP, or just the fueling point. I can imagine a few lug nuts or wrench sockets getting dropped into those holes during maintenance if the whole motor pool was done in PSP… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@metalhead85, thank you sir. Glad to see that you approve of the King’s tracked ride.