Dragon 1/35 Pz IV F1

My first post in the new forum :star_struck:

The kit is a Dragon 1/35 one and I plan to finish it in the same scheme as the box art.

** The Kit **

** Kit Contents **

This is one of the (now) rare kit with the dragon card still in it. Has a decent amount of PE and Magic Tracks.

I started with the turret first. The mantlet and the gun was assembled first, followed by the rest of the turret. Dragon gives you the option of keeping the vision ports workable, I decided the keep the driver & loader’s port workable and glued the gunner & radio operator’s ports.

Next up was the lower hull. The assembly was pretty straightforward. I opted to keep the driver & radio operator’s hatches closed. Once the hull was assembled, I cleaned up all the roadwheels and various tools and equipment.

Next I painted the turret and the lower hull before assembling the fenders.

I plan on I add a few figures (my first attempt at making them) so I left the turret hatches open.

Once the assembly was completed, it was off to the paint booth for painting the camouflage.

The figures come from another Dragon kit. I assembled them and fine tuned the position of their arms. This has resulted in a few gaps and I plan to fill them with apoxy sculpt soon.

This this how far I’ve reached. Next on the agenda is the weathering and of course, figure painting :cold_sweat:

Hope to post an update soon. Thanks for looking.

Cheers :beers:


Welcome to the new forums!
Be careful with the track sag, the boxart has it correct.
A burned out tank would have more sag

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I realised that after the glue had dried. I did see some pics with similar sag and I’m going to blame it on the lazy crew :grin:

Such a lazy crew would soon be in trouble, either from their officers or due to the tank losing a track :laughing:

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I think they imbibed a bit too much aged grapes…and the diorama would be the proof of the same :yum:

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Great WIP, the camo looks very nice :grinning:


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Looking good so far !
These older Dragon kits are the bomb ! I started their PzIV Ausf C, #6291, last week. Sure is a lot of parts but totally worth it for the end result. I think I will also use these figures with mine.
It’s a shame that Dragon lost it’s way some where down the line.
Thank you for sharing and please post some more progress images!
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what color did you use for the interior?

I used Mission Model paints for the interior & a mix of Mission Model (yellow) and Revell (Green).

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