Dragon 1/35: Stug III of the Syrian Army

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I was very surprised to learn that the Syrians actually had some Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer IV and StuG in their ranks. The vehicles came, among other things, from former Spanish stocks.
These veterans were even used in the so-called “6-Day War”. However, I cannot comment on its effectiveness. What is certain, however, is that some shot down/abandoned specimens can still be seen on the Golan Heights today.
And of course in local museums.

The Dragon kit does not pose any major problems. Fit is good and the number of unneeded parts is almost enough for another StuG.
I built it out of the box and based on photos I found on the web.
Painted with Gunze, Revell and Tamiya colors.
The figures come from a set by MiniArt and are painted with Revell’s Aqua Colors.

Aging of the vehicle and figures consisted of an oil paint wash, dusting with heavily diluted paint using an airbrush and the use of various pastels.

I cut the small display out of a board, processed it with the router (edges) and then glazed it. A mixture of bird sand and white glue, scattered grass and a few tufts of grass formed the surface.

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nice to see a different view of this WW2 vehicle in post war situation, well done indeed.

There’s a couple wrecks of Stug IIIs in the valley. The Syrians had quite a motley crew of WW2 era vehicles that they used, along with Panzer IV and Soviet T-34s.

So question on the Bird Sand. Is it not edible by the birds? Will it not get moldy and yucky, or did you treat it somehow?

Not exactly, if I remember correctly only the Panzer IV and StuG III were from Spain. In any case, the Jagdpanzer IV for sure was from another supplier. They had also a few Hummel

The Syrians sourced Panzer IVs from Czechoslovakia, France and Spain, StuG IIIs from Czechosolvakia, France and Romania, Jagdpanzer IVs and Hummels from France.

Here are some fairly recent photos of some of the remaining examples on the Golan Heights:

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Im surprised no one has had that away and restored it …

if I had the money and the time; I’d try to pull that Stug out of the dirt and restore it.

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