Dragon 1/72 M1134

I just started the Dragon M1134 ATGM and it looks like there is a piece missing on the right side of the vehicle. There are two holes there and no matching piece to be found. Anymore have any experience with this kit? Any suggestions?

Thank you

If you scan the instructions, maybe we will find a solution?

Hi, could it be that a22 and a21 are for opposite sides and NOT for the same side ? Instructions are a bit confusing.

Cheers, Gé


Errato !
If you are referring to part a21 and a22, there are two parts of each on each side !
I checked the sprue on the instructions.


Hi Ge, yes usually the part numbers in brackets indicate the opposite side.

I guess he is speaking about the holes under the exhaust. If so there should be a part depicting the under side of the exhaust.


Yes. I don’t see a part to fit into the holes under the exhaust.

What about part a20? I looked at the instructions and find no place where this part should go.


I think you are correct. I was thrown because the part has two attachments that make it look odd but they need to be cut off.