Dragon #6366 U.S. Armored Infantry

armored infantry

Hello, I was wondering what time period these troops would work for, I was looking for Spring 1945?

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I think they would be too early for that.
Look at Dragons Advance to the Rhine set for later uniforms.

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Thanks for the recommendation…I thought they would be to early…would they fit the Italian campaign 1944 or Normandy?

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Here’s a review of this set :



Great review that answered my questions…thanks Frenchy!!

The kit reviewer was correct, but it’s good to remember that these uniforms may have been worn for several months after they were made obsolete by the new “1943” uniforms. My father wasn’t issued the new uniforms until Dec, '44 or Jan, '45. It all depends on where the units were located, and how much combat they saw. Dad’s 75th Division didn’t get into combat until the BoB. This is a GREAT kit, BTW.