Dragon ATGM attached to M113 cupola?

Academy M113 A2 comes with a crude Dragon ATGM and fixture. I wonder if anyone has pics of these parts?

On the model or of the real thing?

Here is the one that I built long ago


@HermannB do you mean a dragoon anti tank missile?

Indeed, I look for closeup pics of the real launcher.

@HermannB here is a Screenshot from the wiki page about the M113. It’s not the best but it appears that is the attachment for the Dragon atgm

I believe the Spanish did somewhat of a similar modification with there spike atgm

Hope this helps!

Greg, sorry to say but thats not the M47 Dragon missile. It a gun/missile simulator for an M113A3/BMP-1
VISMOD on JMRC Hohenfels. It`s on my build list as soon as some one make the new M113 track.

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@HermannB ahh darn I thought it was the attachment for the dragon.

Here’s one from my old Mech unit, 4/6 Inf during Just Cause


I’ll see if I can find more.

Same track, different angle


Those Spanish Spike launcher M113s are former Milan carriers.


Not much out there.

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No photos but TM drawings if you’re interested.

Hi Sean, file arrived here yesterday, excellent stuff. Thanks a lot!

My pleasure, glad to help !