Dragon BRDM 2 (Revell rebox)

Decals were a washout do I just left it bare.
Figure is from Miniart middle east tank crew with a Hornet replacement head.


Nice one Paul - just love the totally p***ed off expression on the soldier. That’s what soldiering is all about(!)


Cheers Brian. The head is actually from the HBH05 British Para/Dispatch rider’s head set., but it was perfect for what I had in mind.

Very well done Paul. Great finish ; and the figure and base too!

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Thank you Richard.

did you have any issues with the upper rear deck behind the turret? mine was warped and needed fixing with internal supports.

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Really beautiful!! May I ask how you did the grass?

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No David, that area was fine. I did, however have some issues getting the front edges to behave like they wanted to get together. Nothing some good ole tapes couldn’t sort.

Thank you Bert. It’s just standard static grass applied randomly over a base of dried tealeaves. The mud is just AK interactive texture paste.

Well done all around. The figure is nice and the head seems to be perfect on it.

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