Dragon Challenger 2 w/Bar armor and M1A2 SEP Tusk II 1/72 scale

First post on the new site, it is looking good.

During this covid- and home office period I have finally got back to the hobby after a few years off. I started with the Dragon Chally 2 w/Bar armor and the Tiger Model M1A2 SEP Tusk II. Both are 1/72 scale and built OOB. The 1/72 scale is perfect during boring Teams meetings (camera off).

The Tiger Model Abrams is an interesting kit but the tracks and road wheels are a disappointment, being cast in a strange way with the road wheels attached to the tracks. It is not a real problem since it is not visible when the side skirts are attached. Otherwise it is a cool little kit with good fit between the parts and a pretty straight forward build.

The Dragon 1/72 Challenger 2 was bought years ago because of the bar armor. I have finished the PE bar armor and they have to be designed by the Devil himself. Very fiddly, but highly satisfactory when completed. The overall fit of this kit is overall very good, except for the idling wheels. The space between the idling wheels and the hull is to tight for the tracks and needed some modification. And it will be a pain to paint the finished model due to the bar armor.


Welcome aboard Erik, you have a nice start on those kits.


Welcome back! that is 1/72? Looks excellent, no doubt.

@Erik67 - Eric,

Welcome to the new forums and nice to see another Braille Scale builder take up residence here. I have just gotten the Tiger Model M1 SEP Tusk II and noted the rather odd setup for the tracks and running gear. I also see that it may be a real pain to paint the suspension the way they have it.

The Challenger looks great although I wondered how the bar armour would work out so I am now forewarned. Thanks also for warning us about the tight fit for the idlers. :wink: Will be nice to see these two when they are painted and finished and also more of your work in this scale in the future. Thanks for sharing these here.

–Jan :beers: :beers:

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The Challenger is finished. I made a small vignette with some British squaddies on FTX