Dragon figures question

Dragon do 1/35 M4 Sherman with rockets attached to the turret and there is a bonus pack of figures which i presume are Dragon’s but i can’t find them as a separate pack.

does anyone know if they are available separately or are they only available with this kit.

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Here DRAGON (1/35) Allied Assault Monte Cassino 1944

(Crop image just for the 4 figures and search in images google)


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They are Dragon’s Allied Assault Monte Cassino 1944 figures.


@acidonitrix @HeavyArty thanks for the help folks i really appreciate it.

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I might add that these are really good figures - better than their earlier Commonwealth figure sets. They also come with optional styrene heads. Besides European, there are also Sikh (with turbans), and Gurkhas (with optional kukris - nasty curved knives) - so you can replace heads on Eighth Army desert figures for something completely different :+1:
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well that’s good to know, i will order some soon.

Burbank House of Hobbies has them in stock.

Dragon 1/35 “Allied Assault Monte Cassino 1944” 6515 | eBay

Or if you prefer somethin closer… World In Scale from Greece.

Dragon 6515 - 1/35 Scale - Allied Assault Monte Cassino 1944 | eBay

A total of US $59? :scream: I think not!! :rage:
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