Dragon Jagdpanzer L/70

Hi All,
A friend of mine is building the Dragon Jagdpanzer L/70 and showed me this pic. Do these markings have to be sanded off or are they part of the texture? I’m assuming the L/70 lettering is just to identify the kit part?

Thank you


Im thinking the L-70 is a casting marking should be there.

But im sure someone knows for sure


There is a picture on page 91 of Panzer IV & its Variants showing a Jagdpanzer IV with a casting mark in that position. The picture is somewhat small, so the writing is hard to read, but two of the numbers do appear to be ‘70’.

On the real thing, that entire piece is a single casting. The circled imperfections are very probably stress marks formed during the casting process. In other words, it appears someone at Dragon did a very good job making that plastic part look like the real thing, warts and all. I will look for a better picture.

Edit: This picture clearly shows the ‘L-70’. You can also see some casting imperfections like those on the kit part, though not in the exact same positions.

Edit: This vehicle has casting imperfections a lot like those on the kit part. In fact, those ridges are so regular I wonder if they are intentional.


The kit number is 6397 by the way.

I see yes , just wasn’t sure. Thanks for the replies guys.


There appears (at least on this one) to be a second set of casting numbers as well.


Yes great pic !

Yes, I’d expect to see a second set, presumably the L 70 refers to fitment of the long gun, so the actual casting mark is the second three digit one - this would need adding. I note that the support part and the actual mantlet on the gun don’t match. I’d have kinda thought they would be a matched pair, knowing the German penchant for detail, but this suggests any two parts will fit together which is good practice on a military vehicle.