Dragon Ju-188 Rächer build

Hi all, time to get back into a wing thing, we’ll see what I can do with Dragons old Ju-188 kit. It came with a few extras such as Aries resin cockpit, True Details wheels, Eduard PE, interior and masks and Squadron vacuform canopies.

Aries cockpit is actually for Revells Ju-88 so not sure if it will actually work…


That’s quite a build in front of you, Colin. Good luck and many hours of happy modelling! Revell Germany had the Ju 188 in their catalogue recently, pretty sure it’s the old Dragon kit.

Btw, the name is “Rächer” (avenger), not “Racher”. You can easily change the name in the topic by pressing ALT and 132 on your computer keyboard.

Torsten :beer:

Thanks for the tip Torsten! Yes, quite a build ahead of me. Tried a test fit of the Aries cockpit and no way I’d be able to get it to fit so if anyone wants a cheap resin cockpit for a Ju-88A4 HMU! Started on the cockpit, with all the PE I won’t miss the resin one, will post done pics later this week.


First update, started updating the cockpit with Eduardo’s cockpit set, it’s an older set with hand drawn instructions that are a little hard to follow. Going to use the self adhesive control panel details after painting.


Back at it after the long weekend, finished off the cockpit PE and started painting and adding self adhesive PE control panels.


Wow! This looks awesome so far

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Thanks, its been a bit of a struggle.

Itty bitty PE levers, I must be mad…


Wonderful work on the cockpit of the plane. I like.

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Man I have GOT to get one of these. I didn’t even know there was one available in 1/48 scale.

Will be watching.

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Cockpit assembled, starting on main fuselage, no locating pins so adding some sheet styrene tabs.

Having some issues with the self adhesive photo etch delaminating, so will fix with CA.


Main fuselage together, took a bit of filling and restraining, then mated the cockpit to it, again no locating pins of any sort but I think I lined it up pretty good.


Slowly progressing, have the rudder and rear stabilizers on, some filling required. Also assembled the landing gear, the instructions are rather vague so I hope I got it correct!


Great progress Colin. Love the shape of the Ju 188 fuselage. I remember being so excited when Matchbox released their 1:72 scale kit in the 90’s :smiley:013


Wings coming together…


Engines mounted and now all the filling for the…questionable… fit. Nice tight compound curves, ugh.