Dragon M26A1 Pershing Overhaul

This is an overhaul of Dragon’s M26A1 kit that I built close to 30 years ago when it was a new release. That was before I used to gloss coat before decals, flat coat after, and other such techniques… the original kit decals eventually lifted and flaked off over time, and I also found out that Marine Pershings in Korea were not repainted from Army OD into USMC green as they were taken from Army stocks. Recently I bought a set of Star Decals USMC Pershings in Korea, and about two weeks ago I started the overhaul by cutting back the front fenders to how photos showed. I was working on this between several other projects as paint or glue dried. This is from 1st USMC Tank Battalion during the winter of 1950/51 on the drive to Chosin and back.
I finally got this one’s overhaul finished yesterday…


Wow, nice recovery, looks great!

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Thank you sir! I’m happy that you like it.

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Good job Carlos. :+1::+1:

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Great job. The color and decals came out great. Any pics of how it looked before?

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You completely repainted that? I’m impressed! It looks incredible. I’m particularly fond of the fact that you didn’t make it look chipped and rusted like an abandoned target range vehicle.

I too would like to know if you have photos of your original work on it.

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You always fo a great job with your OD


@HeavyArty, @Apache26,

Here are the photos of before the overhaul. I never took any solo photos of the tank by itself.

This one is when it was in recent condition, with what’s left of the decals and before I cut the fenders back.

and this is after I started the overhaul, cutting back the fenders and removing what was left of the decals.