Dragon M270A1 (3557) parts info request

Hi fellow modelers,
I am thinking about building Trumpeter’s M270A1 (1049) kit, and noticed that it is missing a few of the “updated” parts from Dragon’s lazy M270A1 (3557) offering. I am thinking about scratch-building them, but don’t have their dimensions nor could I find good reference photos.
The parts appear to be: A/C unit, external stowage boxes, and some electronics unit. I have circled those parts in the screenshots of the instructions below.
Can you help me with their dimensions (if you have those parts) and/or give me some good reference photos to begin scratch-building? Primeportal was not helpful.

The A parts that go on the cab sides are HALON fire extinguisher boxes and are included in Trumpeter’s kit as parts K7. The instructions only show one being added to the driver’s side in step 21. Then later in step 34, the passenger side has one too.

Part C is the external condenser to the ECU (Environmental Control Unit - A/C unit) and part B is an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit - Generator). A little more info on them.

Here are measurements I took for a fellow modeler of the A/C unit and HALON box.
1-35 MLRS AC unit measurments

You can also see where I used the same Dragon parts on my Trumpeter MLRS undergoing maintenance last year.

Thanks Gino for the info! Do you happen to have dimensions for the APU (part B in the instructions) also?

Kind regards,

No, he wasn’t looking to build it. I can take some measurements later tonight.

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James why not contact Dragon to replace missing parts trees?

Dragoncare ??
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :grin: :innocent:

As promised.

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AWESOME! Thank you so much, Gino! :+1:

Dragoncare ??

Hahaha! Dragon doesn’t care. Last time (2 years ago maybe) I tried to get some missing parts, I sent multiple emails to a person named Nam. After about a year of waiting, nothing happened. He may have black-listed or labeled me for requesting replacement parts too often. Pun intended. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: