M270A1 MLRS Maintenance project continued...w/link to old forums post - Done!

I have continued work on my M270A1 MLRS undergoing maintenance. I started it over on the old forums and you can see the earlier progress here: XXX (Which no longer works.)

Here is the build at Fine Scale Modeler to see the first half:

After a couple week break where I took an early trip to go meet my first grand daughter (she came a few weeks early and mom and she are doing wonderful), I am back at it.

I have painted all the parts in NATO camo and marked it as launcher C-22 from 6-37 FA (MLRS), 2ID in S. Korea. I made the decals myself, including the Asian Royal Lions on the front of the cab, from home printer decal paper.

I added the A/C unit, APU, and MG mount from the Dragon M270A1 to bring it up to pretty current standards, about late 2015-early 2016 based on Load Test date of 23 OCT 15 on the side of the LLM.

I also added Combat ID Panels (CIPs) to the sides and front.

The doors and side engine access panel.

Next up is tracks, final assembly and a light weathering. More to come soon.


Looks great, a lot of hard work gone into it for sure.

Thanks Johnnych01.

glad to see you’re still working on this one as it’s looking spectacular and I’m looking forward to seeing more soon.

Thanks Klaus.

It looks really nice, Gino!

Thanks DeskJockey. I hope to have it done soon.

The M270A1 MLRS Launcher is complete. I weathered it with a couple washes of a dirt brown color and a lighter sand color to give it a well-maintained, slightly dirty look, as you find vehicles in the motor pool.

You can see below that I added the steering linkage from the steering parts under the cab to the transaxle. I also connected the wiring harness to the cab underside.

I highlighted the interior of the LLM with a bit of aluminum to bring out the details. I also blackened the face of the LLM to represent the charring that occurs as the rockets are fired.


WOW really excellent job Gino! All of your detail work really brings it to life. Beautiful model.

Very nice Gino! Is this one of the launchers from your battalion?


Thanks guys. It was a fun build. I really like how it turned out, esp. the engine compartment area.

No, both the MLRS Bns I served in (1-21 FA, 1CAV and 1-39 FA, 3ID) were all sand. I was stationed in Korea in an M109A6 Paladin Bn, where I saw these and had a buddy in 6-37 FA (MLRS) at the time. I already have a launcher from each of the Bns I was in and wanted one in camo this time. This seems to fit the bill just fine.


Interesante transformación. Estoy con un m270 de Dragón del año 3 antes de Cristo y quiero llevarlo a la versión A1. Podrias facilitarme las medidas del aparato de aire acondicionado y las cajas del gas Halón? Enhorabuena de nuevo

Fantastic job Gino. It has been a pleasure to watch the build. Thanks for posting it.

Thanks guys, I did enjoy building it.

Here you go. Good luck with them.

Thank you Gino.

abusing your confidence Gino … what color do they wear inside the launchers, where the rockets are housed.
Thank you

Can`t speak for MLRS, but Bundeswehr MARS are painted black on the inside of the launcher.

By deduction I can come to think that in the case of the m270 it may be a light green. Identical or similar to the interior of a m113. Tamiya’s XF-21 may be successful

Inside the cab is seafoam (light) green. Inside the bays for the rockets on the LLM on US M270/M270A1s are dark green.