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Dragon is now offering a 1/72 scale plastic model kit of this ODS version of the M2A2 Bradley.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/dragon-m2a2-ods-bradley

This is not really a “new” kit. They brought out the first (this one) in a long line of 1/72 Bradley kits in 2004, following the invasion of Iraq. They are pretty nice kits and there are lots of AM for them as well.

You can see the full line at Scalemates.

Here is a build review of the above M2A2 ODS kit from Modeling Madness as well.

I have no idea what has been changed, other than the soldiers’ backpacks that can be attached to the hull sides mentioned in the text, but this kit with reference 7331 is not yet listed at scalemates, and the review is also for 7226.

7331 is expected to be released in July,2021:

I see nothing changed either. Maybe it will be a new version, I don’t know. Kit 7226 also included the bags. You can see them on the instruction sheet at Scalemates. They are shown being added in the markings and paint section as pieces from sprue E.

M2A2 ODS kit #7226 also has the same image on the boxart as this one.

We shall see what this turns out to be.

Also a “new” M3A2 ODS, but I bet it is kind of a re-edition as well so will leave it here:

Announced with “Newly tooled soldiers’ backpacks”

Yup, same boxart as well.