Dragon M4A3(76)W - a kind of SBS

Hi folks.

Having done a Jeep recently, I’m keen to paint some OD again and maybe try some new techniques on it.

The plan is to do this as an old timer from late 44 that’s survived through to Germany in March/April 45.

So thought I’d do a quick build of this Dragon kit

I’d already decided to use some Tasca late bogies, but discovered there’s quite a bit of adjustment required to get them to fit, especially the idler and drive wheels.

But also the detail is a bit basic in places, especially on the glacis, where I’ve ended up adding surface texture and weld beads, and detailing the gun travel lock.

Here’s some before/after photos

Hopefully I can keep some momentum going with this…


Does this version have the unnecessary grouser oval shape at the rear?

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Having a similar tank waiting behind the scenes, I’ll keep an eye on your progress!
I noticed 2 differently shaped weldbeads around the bow MG?

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Yes it does. I’ll be posting a rear update a bit later

If you’re referring to the round vs. Oval shape, the bow MG is a circular plug in the glacis and is clumsily welded in. The oval shape is for fixing the MG cover and is a spot welded wire. I think that’s a separate part in many kits.

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Great! Good eye!
Have you seen this site?

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Be careful with the texture, that plate is rolled and then welded, not casted.

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Yes, I’m aware. The texture is very light and even on the rolled steel, it’s not perfectly smooth as the kit is. Trying not to overdo it on the rolled parts.

Looking at the box art I see they are attempting to portray Creighton Abrams tank. Think that is OK as is, but information I have says it was Thunderbolt VI that was at Bastogne, not Thunderbolt IV. If you want to do Abram’s M4 that was in use in that particular period you might want to do a reference deep dive, and least one a bit deeper than mine.