Dragon: MG42 with Tripod | Armorama™

2024 Newly tooled, Gen2 1/35 German Heavy Machine-Gun MG42 with positionable tripod

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How many per kit? One? It has to be at least $10 or possibly $15, which seems inflationary. Wonder how much better it will be than the tripod and MG34 in the new Tamiya Mid-War MG team, which I guess one could consider an MG and tripod with five extra figures.


I think this would be a neat model in a larger scale as well.


Looks like Dragon has one in 1/6th.


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They’ve had it for decades (in 1/6).

I have the version with the Dark Green Lafette Tripod. They make a lot of high quality 1/6 historical figures. So their weapons are highly detailed.

Yours looks not to be a kit? The link above makes it look like a kit.

Yeah. Mine is a weapon accesory set with the machine gun fully assembled and painted. The other one is the kit, which requires both.

Here’s the link for the kit, though i think this one is the G1 version.