Dragon "Original" M60 Tank

I remember it being discussed here years ago, and the conclusion was it had too many problems. Does anyone have more info?

Try the Scalemates site.

I built one.

I replaced the mantlet with an item from Tiger Model Designs. IIRC it was designed for the M48 kits, but fit perfectly (no surprises here) to the M60 kit.

I used a turned metal barrel, as the kit barrel is too skinny. I bought it on-line from a Korean source, but don’t remember the name. It was designed for the Tamiya or Academy M48 kits, as it came with a mantlet in the same style as the Tamiya M48. I ended up using only the barrel. It was cheap at the time.

The commander’s cupola lacks the weathering canvass, so I used an unused one left over from an Academy Israeli M60 build. After trimming the locking lugs, it fit perfectly.

The searchlight in the kit is too small. I used one from a Tamiya M48. THere are resin ones available, but IIRC only have the canvass cover in place. If you want an exposed searchlight, you’ll have to rob the Tamiya, or Academy kits for one.

I didn’t bother to replace the tracks. The DS was fine for me, & is still fine. However, replacement tracks are available if you don’t like rubber band track.

I did not do so, but if I were to do it again, the locking handles on the stowage bins should be replaced. On the kit they are just poorly detailed lumps.

I understand the final drives are not accurate for an M60, but I left these alone as well, unable to spot the exact differences. Similarly the hatch allegedly is of an M48, but I left this alone as well. When I compared it to the Takom M60A1 it didn’t look so different, unless Takom also has this part wrong (note that IIRC if the M60 has the Passive upgrades, the hatch was changed for this). I glued my hatch closed, though, so if the problem is only with how it opens, it may not be an issue if you go this route.

My kit was slightly damaged in a move, & I haven’t restored it yet, but it turned out to be a pretty good & fun build in the end.


I didn’t do any major surgery on mine. It went together easily,and remembering the location of various parts (interphone box on the fender) from my real one in 75,made me feel accomplished