Dragon Panzer I

Hi, here’s another one that’s on my bench for months.
Yesterday I worked a little on the tracks.
I used some AM tracks, since I wasn’t very happy with Dragon’s.

Still a few links to make the second set of tracks.


Do you mind sharing whose AM tracks you are using and where you obtained them? They look nice. Does your dark grey color have a brownish tint or is the weathering? I’ve had this kit a long time and I am anticipating my build. Thanks


Oh, nice!

Has possibilities including the infamous “pea green” version captured in Libya.


I’m using T-Rex Studios #TR 85001 PzKpfw.I Tracks Early Type for Ausf.A

It’s the weathering, I applied some filters and chipping.

The Dragon tracks looked like a a mess to clean up and build.
The AM tracks are good but a little fragile to assemble, I broke 5 or 6 links and the pins too.

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Thanks, I had heard good things about the T-Rex tracks.


It’s easy to work with bigger tracks, I finished a set for a Panther tank in about 35 mins.
The Panzer I tracks are quite fragile.
But check the Dragon kit, it might suit you, but the clean up was too much hassle for me.

With the rest of the kit I didn’t have many issues, the usual triple check of the instructions but that was it.
I hope you have fun with yours.

I’m planning to start the Takom Panzer I’s after this one.

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