Dragon / Promodeler JU88's

going thru my way too big of a stash a few days back I find a Promodeler JU88a4 in a very crushed box. The plastic is just fine and the decals look new. Then I find three or four more Dragon kits in various types. All are 1/48th scale if that matters much. Has anybody built these kits? They look nice in the plastic bags, but kinda wonder what the pit falls are.

If the Dragon kits you mentioned are 1/48 Ju 88, be prepared for a battle. I was at a model club meeting where one was offered as a raffle prize, and no one said “Wow!”. Mostly they laughed and said, “DML stands for Doesn’t Match Lines.” Looks great but when you line up parts, the panel lines don’t match. But if you don’t care that much (maybe hidden by a camouflage scheme), then I’m sure they are fine kits.

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I have the Ju-88 G6 and C6 and are a beauty, actually building the C-6 and the fit is perfect…




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