Dragon Pz.III N Winter Camo

This Dragon Pz.IIIN is in the final stage of weathering, so I figure I will share the last steps with You. The first weathringvstages were two coats of Citadel Shade Brown and Black wash. Then a bit of Vallejo brown wash with a half spoon of brown pigments. The last layer so far were spots of Ammo acrylic wash for tracks and wheels. Next steps will be mig



Wow that is fantastic Jacob. Great paint job and camo and weathering.

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Jacob, that’s an outstanding good looking Pz III N! A+++

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Next step : light pigments fixed with MIG pigment fixer. I tried to apply them as randomly as possible on wheels and tracks.


Last three steps. Cleaning of dark wash, darkening some pigments with wash and highlighting screwheads and hinges with lighter shade of grey. I call this one done. Althou there are more things that I could do, I have to move on to other projects.


That’s a great looking Pz III ausf N, the midel has some personality and is nicely weathered!

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Looking good; I am going a similar route with my Academy PzIV Ausf. H Mid; adding the Winterketten tracks and full winter wash camo.


Thanks for the comments. For me the best whitwash combination is brushed and airbrushed white plus brushed white oilpaint.


now that is a real nice build!

It’s looking very neat and tidy. Not too much, not too little. However, I have to bring this up, I’m mystified by the gold/copper/brass coloured towing cables.

Thanks. Its actualy steel, but the rust wash and pigments make it look a copper-ish in the photos I guess.