Dragon pziii early drive sprockets for trade?

Does anyone have a pair of 1:35 Dragon Pz iii early drive sprockets for trade? I have the later type, but I need the early version for a panzer iii e/f… Am happy to trade and cover postage costs.

Maybe…I have a Dragon Neo 5 Pz IIIN kit that has a ton of unused parts. Looks like 1/3 of the kit isn’t used. It may have a spare set. It will be a few days before I can dig the kit out of storage.

Do you have an image of what I will be looking for?

Hey, thanks for offering to help. I’ve just checked the sprue shots for the Dragon Neo 5 Pz IIIN kit. Unfortunately it doesn’t include the early drive sprockets. This saves you digging it out of storage. :slight_smile:



Much appreciated.

Best wishes with the search

I’ll check, I think I have some spare Pz.iii parts around somewhere.

Just checked, Im sorry I only have a pz. IV drive sprocket.