Dragon Sd.Kfz. 250/1

Somewhere in the loft I’ve still got the old Nitto Sdkfz250. You’d never complain about Tamiya again! However it is slightly more accurate than their Sdkfz251, but very clunky. It also has their feature of a large trailer to tow which contains the batteries for the electric motor!


I bought as many of the Dragon 250s and 251s as they came out.I will have to post images of mine. I had no problems with assembling the tracks, they were “workable” and easy to install later on the running gear.


Agreed on the tracks. I don’t recall any problems.

Back then i used CA glue for assembling everything and painted with Model Master enamels and an Aztek air brush.

I also remember that the kits were pretty inexpensive- well under $20 and I bought a bunch.