Dragon Stug IIIF

Some pics of my latest work, Dragon’s old Stug IIIF, hope you like!


The openings the the rear mudguards allowed the tail lights to show when the guards were folded up. However, the openings were closed off when the they were in the lowered position, by tapering metal flaps permanently attached to the fenders.

Dragon molded these in very thick plastic, so they are best scraped thin from behind using the back of an X-acto blade, and then the tapered flaps can be added to the inner face using thin styrene.

Welp, too late to do anything about it now, thanks for the info though! Next one!

I really dig the tarp on top of the mantlet/crew compartment. Looks great!

Edited to add: it’s a wool blanket. I can see the end seams. Very nice.

Colin that came excellent. Great finish and excellent weathering. Great job on one of my favorite vehicles.