Dragon's upgraded Jagdtiger Henschel opinion

Is Dragons upgraded Jagdtiger Henschel with new wheels, tools, barrel etc. a really good kit? How does it compare to Tamiya and Takom newer kits. I got one really cheap and was wondering accuracy and ease of build. Thank you.

I dont have it in the stash but I built Dragon Kingtiger and it had a wharped lowe hull. Also DS tracks werent the greatest. I have the Tamyia Jagdtiger and its a gem.

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Is it this kit?


Perth Military Modelling -review - Dragon - JagdTiger revised #6285

If so Perth gives a highly recommended!

I have that kit. Mine has the Magic Tracks and metal barrel.

Yep that’s my kit I got for $25

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Seems like a good deal! :+1:

Definitely compared to the price Dragon is charging for newer kits without MTs, metal barrels, or PE.

Thanks sounds like I have a winner that I’m starting this weekend. Now if I can find some Red outlined black crosses……