Draken's teeth

“harjoitusohjus ja 8S käsittelyohjus Keski-Suomen ilmailumuseo”
This is as Finnish as the day is long :grin:
Google says that it translates to:
training missile and 8S handling missile Central Finland Aviation Museum

Suomi is Finland
Ruotsi is Sweden (in Finnish), some historians claim that the word ruotsi is the root for Rus in Russia.
Swedish vikings settled in the Kyiv area and married into the local nobility to create the Kyivan Rus state.

Rurik was a Varangian prince:

Varangi is Väring in modern Swedish and means something like oathbound warrior (we were kicking a$$ in that area 1200 to 1100 years ago)

and I still don’t understand it :grin:

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It’s mutual.
It took me a few days to figure out “Schwiizertüütsch”
even though I speak German and have heard many German dialects.
German television synchronizes foreign languages instead of using ‘Untertitel’.
They did use Untertitel when they interviewed a Swiss police officer (sounded like Zürich dialect),
they knew that regular Germans would have problems understanding her but they didn’t want to synchronize the words either. Bit of a dilemma there.
The ticket control officers on the buses and trams in Zürich, straight from a 1950’ies spy movie.
Enters the bus/tram so discreetly that everyone sees them immediately, then “Grüzi mitenand”
followed by ‘Faahrkartekontrolle’. Soft spoken, shows their id-cards and I show them my Regenbogenkarte.
Then they find some cheater … then “WIE BITTE!? SIE HAA KEINE FAAHRKARTE?”
They ask for his name, address et.c and suddenly all three of them have very impaired hearing so the poor sod has to speak his name et.c VERY LOUDLY so that EVERYONE in the freaking bus/tram can HEAR everything. Public shaming on the most exquisite level.

I understand every language, except Greek. It’s all Greek to me.

I took German in high school, 4 years. Was pretty good. 'Course I graduated in 80, so … Was using a little of it when working at an airshow years ago. Guy I was talking to ,Swiss I think, said I spoke with no regional accent. My teacher said the dialects were extreme. Someone from Berlin nearly needed a translator in Munich. English English and American English are the same. A buddy of mine was in the USAF stationed at RAF Alconbury. He said on base wasnt bad but off based he damn near needed a translator.

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Vikings got everywhere. I know they got as far as Constantinople, Spain, North Africa… and North America. (way before that dumb ass Colombus.) Wouldnt be surprised if they beat Marco Polo to China.