Drawing for DDR / NVA / East German Wheel Chocks?

I’m looking for drawings or dimensions for the prism-shaped wheel chocks seen on East German / NVA vehicles:

Chocks.JPG (17.66KiB)

What were these called by the NVA?

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No idea on the name or dimensions but maybe this pic will help in it’s size?

Kurt, I believe the term is Unterlegkeile or Radvorleger; or at least that’s the term used on the MR Modellbau site - they make a different type amongst their products.

Their conversion set for the T-34/85 NVA however does include a couple of this type - and I used them on a BMP I was making. I’m not sure if the model is still in existence or hidden away somewhere - I’ll have a dig around.

I suppose an alternative would be to contact MR Modellbau but conceivably they might see you as competition(!)

I found this as well:

- = Model Type = - NVA Accessories - Railway loading wedges in 1/35 (modell-art.de)

I’m not sure if the tables within are for measurements of the chocks themsleves or for, say, placement (I just haven’t gotten around to translating them - the tables that is).

I should have paid more attention; this is actually an online shop site whereby the chocks themselves are available in 1:35 - amongst other products. Whether or not it’s still active I don’t know, but if so, then that might be the way ahead - prices appear reasonable.

Apologies for the somewhat scatter-gun response.

Länge = Length
Breite = Width
Höhe = Height
Masse = Weight / Mass

EVK Variant A For tracked vehicles with wide tracks, greater than and/or equal to 360mm.
EVK Variant A-W For tracked vehicles with wide tracks, greater than and/or equal to 360mm. These EVK’s had a stop edge welded on about 2cm from the edge.
EVK Variant B For tracked vehicles with narrow tracks, smaller than 360mm. These EVK’s had a stop edge welded on about 5 cm from the edge.

Link to shop:


The Unterlegkeile are present in Takoms T-55AM2B kit. I can measure them this evening, if that’s good enough


Fantastic, Robin & Brian! Much appreciated!

Thanks for the offer Angel, but I think I’m going to get the resin items.



All thanks goes to Brian who knew where this stuff was.
I simply translated and Google did most of that work, since it was a straight forward text I trusted Google translate to get it right but I did proofread the result.

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Well, it took both of your links for me to get both the explanation and buying pages until I went over everything a couple of times and went to the very bottoms!

Thanks again!